Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Wish

I wish that when I touch myself, it would feel as good as when you touch me...
but it doesn't.

November 21st, 2009
M. Lukofsky

The Cloud

When I touch your ever so soft areola, it's like my fingers are moving through a cloud.

marla lukofsky November, 2009


You grab me in your arms,
Taking the breath out of me.
Clutching my hair and
Tossing me to and fro.
I follow your lead,
As I am too weak with passion
To resist any attempt to guide me
Wherever you want.

My fluids arise to the surface,
Making everything easy and smooth.
Your lips make everything change.
So full, all knowing of what my mouth wants.
I’m swollen, I’m open.
You are too.

You let your needs be known.
I gladly give at will.
With my mouth, my tongue, my fingers.
Your sounds let me know it's
Pleasure you feel.
I too allow the same in return.
The walls come down.

You fill up my cavern.
I thrust my desires into you.
An even temper, ever so deep.
We are one at times.
I breathe, I can’t breathe.
My heart stops for a moment.
I’m Yours.
Marla Lukofsky July 28/09

Your Landscape

Your neck, the skin that lies upon your bone structure

is like a beautiful landscape.

It curves, it swerves, it glides, it dips.

It’s soft, it smoothes into the crevices of your

warm body.

I love to gently ride my fingertips

along it all.

Oh... your landscape.

I love it so.

M. Lukofsky

May 26th, 2009

A Piece Of You

I met you, shared moments, some laughter, some thoughts.

We broke bread together, broke the ice together.

I felt,

I had a piece of you.

We got familiar, found similarities, found differences, formed a bond.

We learned to listen, to understand one another.

I felt,

I had a piece of you.

We got closer, more vulnerable, more open, and free.

Some walls came down. We touched, we kissed. We loved.

I felt,

I had a piece of you.

We became a part of each others lives, intertwined,

With food, friends, family, music, and life.

I felt,

I had a piece of you.

Yet your heart and mind were not solely for me.

Someone else lurked nearby, seemed just around the corner.

Its young, its pretty, it flits and it flirts. It does make sense that

I felt,

I had a piece of you.

At times, we continue to share our moments,

Much laughter, and thoughts, tears, touches and hugs.

We find ourselves amidst cool sheets, briefly connected beneath the covers,

And still I know that,

I only have a piece of you.

April 26, 2009

By: Marla Lukofsky


M, A moment in time, marvelous,
O, Out on a limb
V, Vulnerable, vivid,
E, Emotional, exceptional,
D, Daring, dark and soothing in hue, dynamic in feeling.
How does one explain the sensation of being moved.
It brought tears to my eyes that morning. Wednesday.
Dared to share them. Just came out. Ever so slightly.
Salty you said.
You were so gentle, tender, caring.
Your touch at times conveys more than you say.
M Lukofsky Sept 18, 2008