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Dinner Date in TV Guide Starweek 1985: Brent Thrall dines with Marla Lukofsky

IS Gay Pride in Toronto of 2010 Really something to be Proud of???


You’ve all heard the news. The group named Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QAIA), who was a part of last years Gay Pride Parade with permission and support from the Gay Pride Planning Committee shouted out words of hatred and carried signs showing the same messages. Some displayed swastikas. If this group is so harmless and just expressing free speech, what does it tell you when their actions incited bystanders to utter anti-Semitic verbiage?
Let me remind you that Section 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada makes it an offense to incite hatred against an identifiable group or to make public statements that promote hatred.
That describes this group perfectly.

Toronto politicians say they MAY not fund Gay Pride next year if this group remains in the parade. Why MAY, I ask? Why not NOW as in this year!
Hillel said: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?”
Now is the time to do something to prevent this damaging group from participating in Gay Pride, period.

Protesters in the United States weren’t able to "Stop Dr. Laura, (Schlessinger)" but Canada did in 2009 by banning this American popular radio personality from Canadian stations for being critical of homosexuality. Her comments fell under the category of Canada’s hate crimes.
If Canada could do this to Dr. Laura, why can’t Toronto do this to QAIA?

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council agreed with a complaint that Dr. Laura was abusive towards gays and lesbians. 

QAIA is abusive towards Israel, and in turn, Jews, because let’s face it folks, it’s one and the same. Even if there are Jewish members in QAIA, they are obviously self-hating Jews.

Just to let you know, Dr. Laura Schlessinger calls herself a Doctor, but her biography says the Ph.D was earned in physiology, NOT medicine or psychology. She gives advice to millions of listeners across North America. Just think of the damage she may have caused to others with her words.
Schlessinger has repeatedly described gays and lesbians as "abnormal," "aberrant," "deviant," "disordered," "dysfunctional" and "an error." She's also linked homosexuality to pedophilia.

QAIA repeatedly describes Israel as unfair and cruel. They claim that Israel denies equal human rights and equates it to the former situation in South Africa. Why doesn’t QAIA acknowledge that Israel is the only democratic country in that area, that it is the only country that has gays in the military, in parliament, in universities, and protects its homosexual citizens under its laws, unlike so many other countries. Take Uganda for instance. Being gay or lesbian in Uganda is illegal and those who are, risk being locked away for up to 14 years. Now, a new parliamentary bill wants gay people to face even stiffer penalties and is proposing life imprisonment and even death sentences in some cases. Many Arab states and communities have similar punishments towards homosexuals. In Iran, those found having homosexual sex may face death by either hanging, stoning, cutting in half by a sword, or dropping from a tall building or cliff. Why doesn’t QAIA spend their energy exposing the real culprits who threaten gay people’s human rights since Gay Pride is a gay celebration after all, isn’t it???

Ernst Zundel, a leading Holocaust denier, neo-Nazi propagandist, white supremacist ideologue and one-time resident of Toronto, Canada, was also found guilty several times after making derogatory statements against Jewish people. He too proclaimed that he was simply exercising his right to freedom of speech. Interestingly, as long as he kept voicing his opinions, synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in Toronto were being desecrated. In May of 2005, a Federal Court judge declared Zundel a threat to national security and Ottawa deported him to Germany where he faced charges of inciting racial hatred and defaming the memory of the dead. In 2007, he was found guilty on fourteen counts and imprisoned. Finally! Well, that’s one way of fixing the problem.
So Dr. Laura is out. Ernst Zundel is out. But Toronto can’t seem to get rid of QAIA. I say put your money where your mouth is, Toronto.

Toronto threatens gay parade’s funding over anti-Israel group
April 22, 2010
(JTA) -- The city of Toronto has threatened to withdraw funding from a gay pride parade if an anti-Israel group is allowed to participate.
The city believes that its anti-discrimination policy was violated by the participation of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in the 2009 Pride Toronto parade, to which the city gave $121,000, the Toronto Star reported Monday.
The city reportedly received complaints about the use of the phrase "Israeli apartheid."
Pride Toronto officials told the newspaper in an interview hours before the city's general manager of economic development and culture made the funding cut threat that it had not been decided whether the group would be allowed to march in the 2010 parade.
The threat follows the announcement and cancellation last month of a Pride policy that would have parade signs reviewed by an ethics committee.
Elle Flanders, a Jewish member of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, objected to the city comparing a political opinion on apartheid to hate speech.
"They're trying to compare it to hate speech, and I find it deeply offensive, as somebody who's been fighting human rights battles for a really long time, to hear that criticism of the State of Israel is somehow hate speech. No way," Flanders told the Star. “”

I say nope! The most offensive thing is that this group hides behind freedom of speech instead of admitting just what they are doing; inciting hatred.
Check out this link.
‘City may cut Pride funding over ‘Israeli apartheid’ marchers
'May' is the key word here. Why May???
Bureaucrat calls name of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid ‘very problematic’
Very  Problematic??? That's putting it mildly!

Check out this article by The Globe and Mail.

“Israel is the only country in the Middle East where gays and lesbians enjoy full legal protection against discrimination. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are the only cities in the Middle East that have gay pride parades. So imagine the surprise of Jewish Torontonians when an anti-Zionist group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid showed up at last year’s Toronto Pride parade to rant about the crimes of the Jewish state.
What business does such a group have in a parade celebrating the fight for homosexual rights? Kyle Rae, the gay city councillor who helped found the hugely successful annual event, says the group is piggybacking on the parade to spread a political message “that has nothing to do with celebration of pride.”
He has a point. By worming its way into Pride Week, which draws more than a million people, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid gets a broad platform for its fringe message.
That message is far from harmless. The group says it was formed “to work in solidarity with queers in Palestine and Palestinian resistance movements around the world.” If that were its real objective, you might expect it to protest the plight of homosexuals under the fundamentalist Hamas regime in Gaza.
In fact, the group has little to do with gay rights. Its real aim is to portray Israel as a racist state, undermining the country’s legitimacy by comparing it with South Africa’s apartheid regime before the end of white rule. On the issue of whether Israel even has a right to exist, it says on its website: “It’s hard to answer this question without making clear what exactly it means.” Last year the Ontario Legislature declared that calling Israel an apartheid state “incites hatred.”
Pride Week organizers have been slow to wake up to this threat. When Queers Against Israeli Apartheid first popped up, the organizers listened to voices within the gay community that said it would be a mistake for a movement with roots in protest and dissent to seem to be banning anyone from the march. They backed down again when critics in the community objected to a decision to create an “ethics” committee to vet placards carried in the parade. “Don’t Sanitize Pride,” the critics said. “Free expression must prevail.”
But the organizers can’t be hamstrung by fears of being labelled censors. That is just the quivering reaction that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid are counting on. In the same way that the far-left groups that once infiltrated the peace movement cried “red baiting” whenever someone tried to challenge them, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid cry “free speech” and expect everyone to run for the hills.
This is not a free-speech issue. The group is free to spout its malignant nonsense on any street corner day and night. It has a free run of many university campuses. No one is shutting down its website or blacking out its posters. The question is whether a parade dedicated to promoting gay rights is obligated to welcome a group that is pushing a completely different agenda – one that happens to deeply offend many people both in the parade and on the sidelines. If it is, then Pride could soon become a very different event, with contingents from every group with an axe to grind and a pink triangle to slap on its placards.
Fortunately, Pride now seems to recognize the danger. Organizers have revised their procedures to make sure that march applicants get a closer look and that marchers can be held legally accountable for any violence that might stem from their actions. After warning that city funding could be withdrawn from the event if it doesn’t meet Toronto’s anti-discrimination and human rights policies, city officials say that “there are now mechanisms in place that allow Pride Toronto to keep the focus of the parade on the celebration of the history, courage, diversity and future of the LGBT communities.”
That – not the supposed sins of Israel – should be the message of Pride Week.”


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'Mothers Are Human Too' by marla lukofsky


By: Marla Lukofsky

Years ago, during a rough patch of communications between my mother and me, I had a conversation with my Aunty Phyllis, my mom’s beloved sister and partner-in-crime. I confessed to her that I thought my mother didn’t love me. She paused for a moment, then broke her silence and said, “That’s interesting Marla, because recently your mother told me that she doesn’t think you love her.”  My aunt’s news shocked and pained me. Up until then, I’d never thought that my mother might have the same vulnerabilities that I did. Parents are superhuman after all.

A similar realization occurred years later, when my mother came to Los Angeles to help take care of me during my cancer struggle. We had spent lots of quality time together doing errands like shopping, banking, walking and medical appointments—all the necessities of life and living. Most of the time we didn’t talk much, which wasn’t unusual for us. One day while at my apartment, we had an argument over something small but it caused an awkward rift between us.

Feeling uncomfortable with our discord, I went to my room, lay on my bed and contemplated our exchange. My mother remained in the living room sitting in the tanned vinyl chair near the window, reading the newspaper. Quietly, I telephoned my sister, disclosing the argument and tearfully admitted that I was afraid my mom was mad at me. My sister said, “That’s interesting Marla, because I just spoke to Mommy and she said the exact same thing, that she’s afraid you’re mad at her.”
Once again it struck me, “Mommy’s as vulnerable as me.  She’s not superhuman after all.”  I peeked out of my bedroom and saw my mother still sitting in the chair reading her newspaper. I sauntered over, kneeled down beside her and slowly placed my baldhead on her lap. Tenderly her beautiful slender hand reached out and caressed my head.
“I thought you were mad at me,” I told her.
“I thought you were mad at me,” she replied adding, “I was so afraid of making you upset, making you sick when all I wanted to do was be here to help you. I’m so sorry.”
We grabbed each other and cried deep tears.
“I love you, Mommy.”
“I love you, Marla.”
“And I’m sorry too. And I’m sorry that I’m sick. I feel like such a burden to you, to everyone,” I confessed.
“You’re not a burden at all, Marla. You’re never a burden and this too shall pass. This too shall pass,” she assured me.
We held each other for a while longer, rocking in each other’s arms.

Yes, my mother and I had our problems. Ours was not a perfect relationship. And as much as I thought we were very different, my father often reminded us that we were more alike than not. I still don’t know which similarities he was referring to. What I do know for certain is that she was a dutiful mother, a mother who cared deeply for her children and wanted everything to be fair and equal amongst my two older sisters and me. If we were ever in trouble emotionally, physically, or financially, she was there for us in a heartbeat.

What I needed from her (like more hugs, kisses and praise) was not often something she was comfortable giving. She’d say to me, “It’s just not my way, Marla.”

Later on in life, I decided not to stand on ceremony, waiting for her to initiate hugs to me. Instead, I initiated the hugs. At first she was taken aback but I never let go and she warmed into it, eventually breaking into a laugh.

Now she has passed away and I can’t take things back or make anything better. I hope she knew how deeply I loved her. I still struggle with the loss. Everyone needs a Mom after all, no matter what the age. One thing is for certain. Mothers are human too.

By: Marla Lukofsky
Date: February 9, 2010
My mother died February 9, 2006
Four years ago.

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Awesome has got to be the most irritating, obnoxious, under-educated, over-used word in current circulation. It absolutely irks me. I am vexed by it. And concerned for all of mankind. I think it started with a teenager at some point and then their parents,babysitters, or lovers who may have a much younger lover, started to adopt this word as a form of expression. Perhaps 'form of expression' is too worthy sounding a description. How about, too mentally lazy to formulate something more articulate than the word 'awesome' to describe anything at all pleasant.
Anyone who agrees with me, just send me a comment in one word...AWESOME!
And remember folks...
Have a day.

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Marla's Passover for 2010


March 29, 2010

Passover is coming and so are the four questions.
#1 Why do we get together once a year with people we don't really like?

#2 Why do we eat foods that are not mentioned in the bible and they only leave us with constipation?

#3) Why isn't it mandatory to drink 12 glasses of sweet wine (the kind that will give you diabetes if you don't have it already) during din to help us cope?

#4) Why do we read the Haggadah, written by white sexist, homophobic men who never heard of a razor and must have been on a few hits of acid when they came up with this stuff?


#5) How soon can we get a colonic appointment... to clean us out? Not soon enough. Stayed tuned for Marla's Ten Plagues. It’s a doozy!


(Turn water to blood)

Turn all water to lemon flavored Gatorade.
Our electrolytes will be more balanced,
even though it tastes funky.

(Frogs everywhere)
Moths everywhere and they only eat banana republic clothing.
That makes the gap manufacturers head office very very happy in ever so conveniently located Malaysia.

(Lice everywhere)
Bed bugs that only embed themselves into Sleep Country mattresses. That should stop those annoying radio commercials and make them stand by their guarantee of returns...the one they didn’t honor with me.

(Flies swarming)

Bernie Madoff swarms to freedom, gets released based on good behavior as he offered his inmates and guards a deal of guaranteed prosperity, then clones himself and takes over all the money left over in the reserves of the country and swindles them all over again so that free health care will be impossible not that it was gonna really happen anyway, lets face it folks.
Talk about a plague!

(Livestock diseased)
Livestock of all shapes and sizes will become ambulatory, strong and powerful and hold exhibits of human zoos and human races at woodbine, one big race in particular called the pink plate, instead of the queen’s plate. Win, place or showww.

The supplier of Botox goes bankrupt and there's no mo Botox available for anyone, rich or poor. Talk about true tragedy. All those people who you thought didn’t have much emotion just weren’t able to show their emotions by frowning or smiling. Now they are showing it all and the creases are incredible. Talk about making up for lost time frowning, smiling, and wrinkling away.

Vancouver weather shall inherit the earth and at the same time
there will be no antidepressants available to help people cope
with the gloom and s.a.d. effects. I'd rather have hail.

Reeses Pieces shall cover the entire earth so that nothing
can grow except you and your body.

And I will shall you light and sunshine 24/7 so that way it will be hard for everyone to fall asleep and it wont be just me anymore.

(Death to the first born)
Death to the meter maids just as they are about to write off the last digit of anyone’s license plates. We can park anywhere in Toronto the city of no parking OR death to the middle born who keeps the peace for all families so there is no havoc, no chaos, and what will be left will be such dysfunction that the adoption rate will skyrocket.

Disclaimer: Any names,companies,places, or subject matters mentioned in this piece are not based on fact and was written for satirical purposes only.