Friday, April 18, 2008

A Converted Song

The J you see inside me shows
The jewels in my eyes.
The E that glows upon me shows
Eternity of ties.
The W has now come through
To keep them all in place,
And yet I do not pray to G-d
Unless it’s ills I face.

I see the morning sunlight shine
Between my window blind.
There’s something in my eyes I feel,
The tears are hard to find.

I feel the urge to brace myself
And find a room to cry.
The problem’s there, it’s in my soul
Don’t know the reason why.

My heart is in an painful state.
My troubles so confined.
I cannot sort them out myself,
Can’t see the silver line.

I need someone to take apart
My life with loving care.
They must point out the errors
Of a life that isn’t there.

So many times I ask myself
Why should it be this way,
To live a life that isn’t there,
The act is all in vain.

And yet there is a Jew in me
Who keeps the pressure strong.
The pressure is to strive for life
And sing a soulful song.

Marla Lukofsky 1975.

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