Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marla and her mother.

Here's the story behind this photo. Tabi Clothing stores is a national chain. In 2006, Tabi decided to run a breast cancer awareness photo campaign which hung in their store windows across the country. In their display, they selected 5 photos of cancer survivors poising with the person who helped them survive their difficult journey. There were photos of mothers with daughters, friends with friends, wives with husbands, and so on. A friend submitted the story of my journey and like many others, my mother was very instrumental in helping me get through my cancer but one fact made my story different from the others. I was the only one who had to poise with a photo because, my mother died of Leukemia a few years after I survived. Tabi thought that the image of me poising with this photo of my mother would be powerful. I agreed, and I also wanted to honour her memory and her strength. *This photo of my mother was taken only 2 months before she was diagnosed, and ten months before she died.

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