Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Kiss, Your Kiss

Your lips, so full, bodacious bodies,
Fall on mine, though smaller.
Engulfing mine with gentle firmness if that's possible.
A silver lining of moisture coating our mouths
So that they slide ever so softly and easily,
Fluid in motion, lyrical like music, without missing a beat.
I lose myself in your lips, your mouth, and the power of it.
So gentle yet firm.
So impulsive, yet all knowing in what they want to do next as if rehearsed.
Warm like the perfect heat that radiates from a beautiful
fire that's slowly dying down but still has an ongoing flame.
Not too hot, nor harsh, but simply just right.
Sliding, moving, and always connected with feeling,
Like dancers who have been together a long time
and can read each others steps before they take them.
Your lips, your kiss.
When your passion comes thru by way of your lips,
So Warm, So Full, So luscious,
So purposefully knowing of what they want from me,
I lose myself once again.
The sensation is like no other.

Feb. 2, 2009 11:11pm
By: marla lukofsky

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