Thursday, February 5, 2009

Speech Testimonials

My observations. You-wise, I enjoyed the show. You are such a contagiously wonderful person. I think one of your by-lines, that your show saves lives, is true, in many different senses, with your humour, and in particular the cancer humour & the willingness to 'go there'. In my view, it creates a stronger platform for both cancer sufferer, family member & advocates to heal on different levels. Also on the level of just encouraging people to love & communicate, cancer or no cancer."
"... funny, insightful, thought provoking, informative, moving, and generously personal."
"...poignant and meaningful."
"...deserves to be heard by as broad an audience as possible."
" Lukofsky's skill and energy as a seasoned performer combined with her sincerity, humor and confidence fuel a hilarious, and sometimes shocking but always passionate performance."
"...remarkable balance between hilarity and brutal honesty."
"... a gift to those who are going through this..."
" I have no doubt in my mind that Marla will save lives though she may never met those people."
"...we laughed until our sides ached and we cried until our hearts ached."
" Real is what stands out and appeals to me most about Marla. Just plain real."
" From the moment she took the stage, we were engaged by her always honest, oftentimes funny and heartbreakingly poignant story."
" Your words of advice are those of the universal language of human compassion. "
"The audience was mesmerized!"
"Your courage and bravery astound me. Leaving yourself open, exposing vulnerabilities, baring all. You articulate with grace and panache, your sense of timing impeccable. Your willingness to give so that others may receive. Your talent for helping us to laugh at human foibles. Your ability to see where you've come from and where you are headed. These gifts are not to be taken lightly, not to be squandered. And bravo to you for using them so wisely."
"The impact that your show is having is amazing! You are a great writer/performer and I'm so glad it's reaching out to a wider audience. Your story can teach people the importance of relationships and the impact we can have on each other as patients, health care providers and more."
"Your speech inspired me, and so many people. You spoke from your heart, your funny bone, and your brain. Al and I loved it and have been changed by it."

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